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Monday, 1 June 2015

Stratford Upon Avon and Shakespeare's Tower

Hi folks,
now back from our trip up to North Wales and stopping off on the way up to Anglesey.
After setting up camp we walked into the town to explore and after a cuppa found this sculpture of two Swans with cascading water.

Behind us was a high tower erected by the Royal Shakespeare Company to commemorate the life of Shakespeare and we just had to explore and climb it. From the top you can see views across, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire. 

Fortunately there was a lift so we purchased a couple of tickets and up we went.

Well it was well worth it for the views, if you look closely you can see the Obelisk on the Welcombe Hill as featured in the blog before above the site we stayed on.
The tower was inspired by the original Swan Theatre hence the Swan sculpture in the first picture.

The tower is 32 metres above street level and there are 174 steps to the viewing platform, we took the lift up and walked down. I had to insert the Wisteria house, Shakespeare was born in Henley street just behind.

The River Avon flowing from Naseby to Tewkesbury. the first bridge was originally used to transport coal to the Barges on the River Avon

The top of the Theatre with the original 1932 Theatre which was partly destroyed by fire.

The spire in the distance is the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptised and buried. 
We will visit there later.

Coming down the stairs there where scenes for many of Shakespeare's plays inlaid in the staircase.

I will try to show the Church and the town centre later in a blog.
Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for looking and please leave a comment if you can. Mike


  1. First time I saw that swan fountain it was covered in ice! I'll have to see if I can find the photos for you!

    1. Quite a unique fountain, trying to get a clear shot without loosing the position if the swans heads was a challenge.

  2. Hi Michael, great blog, lovely scenery, the swan fountain and the views from the tower were lovely, glad you had a great time. Mrs Egg.

  3. Stunning views Mike .. I enjoyed this post. The Swan fountain is beautiful and the Sky and Clouds shot ... fantastic! E xxx