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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Daisy on a Dull Day at Leeds Castle

Hi folks,
last week, or was it two weeks ago the three of us ventured to Leeds Castle for an outing. It was dull and rain was threatening but what the heck lets go for it.
She is growing up fast and we had to prise the music player away so we could get out in the fresh air.
Note the picture in the top right when she was two.

Well we got there in the end with the clouds rolling in..

To brighten our day the Rhododendrons were out in force.

And the young ducks were growing.

Daisy had fun keeping warm with the football.

Stopped for an Ice cream?

Liked the suitcase planter, a nice touch.

Action stations in the play area using her tongue to climb.

Action shot on the swing thingy.

Whilst Nanny looked after the new Super Dooper Cayla who knows most things but not the meaning of life. I kid you not, she is blue-toothed to a computer and knows a lot. Grief what next in toys.
Poor Nanny could not cope so filed her nails instead.

Then the rain started and that was the end of a great day at Leeds Castle. Keep smiling, Mike

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  1. Lovely to see you all having a fun day at Leeds Castle, the Rhododendrons were pretty. Mrs Egg.