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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Shakespeare's Resting Place

Hi again  folks.
Now to go inside the Holy Trinity Church and dates from 1210 The north and south isles were added in the 1300's and the Chancel in the late 1400's. There has been a church on the site since 713.

This is the resting place of William Shakespeare.

William and his wife Anne were buried here together with members of his family in 1616 and a bust was erected in 1623 by his widow and friends. 

Magnificent windows in the Chancel.

This image has been turned round to show it more clearly and it is artificially lit and is a mirror reflection making the photography of it very difficult.

This image shows it more clearly and it was taken directly without the mirror and the light giving a much clearer image.

The church has a magnificent organ reaching to the roof.

Lastly a view of the outside High Altar window.

Thanks for looking, we thoroughly enjoyed the church and its surroundings an few more next time before we continue northwards to Chester. All the best, Mike


  1. Wonderful 'picture tour' Mike thank you .. I'm bit confused cos your last post had Shakespeare's resting place outside? Did they move him? Beautiful Stain Glass windows the church is so well looked after .. I bet they get thousands of visitors every year.
    E xx

  2. Doh!!! ... sorry Mike its ME looking at the wrong picture on the previous post! .. I must pay more attention! lol

  3. Hi michael, lovely tour of the Church, the ceiling is beautiful.
    the altar and the stained glass windows are fabulous. thanks for lovely blog. Mrs Egg.