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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Opps, Almost Forgot

Hi folks,
Just as I was finishing on Stratford Upon Avon I remembered an important part of the church that being the Misericords of which there are 26 carved wooden seats found on each side on the Chancel. They were for allowing those attending long services to rest without actually sitting down. These dated from the 1400's and depicted life at those times.

Also I should include the Sanctuary Knocker on the inner porch door from the 1200's. Anyone touching the ring was given 37 days sanctuary.

Right, moving on we return to the River Avon and its narrow boats.

And the locks on the basin bringing goods into the town which were unloaded and sent on by Tram cart

One of the preserved Trams on display.

Below is the route to Morton on the Marsh.

 Which starts its journey across the Avon on this bridge.

Many different narrow boats were on the river.

Lastly before we started our walk back to the campsite we spotted this scene which made us thing that spring had finally arrived.

Right, we packed up camp ready for our next part of our journey up north.
Back soon, Mike


  1. Beautiful pictures, love the ones of the boats and the swan with signets.

  2. Superb pictures Mike.... you seem to get really good weather on your adventures! .. Interest pictures and info from the church and I LOVE the Swans! Awwwww xxxx
    E xxx