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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Quex Park #2

Hi folks,
Into the walled garden.

Cacti, strange long beast about a meter long in the greenhouse.


First Lilies.

and a Poppy

Rear of the walled garden, liked the potting shed and the water bowser.

Inside a closed greenhouse, I had to point the camera up through the window.

Statues in the pond that was being refilled, representing the Greek Myth about Hippomenes and the beautiful Atlanta

Upon leaving the grounds I walked past the green fields of wheat getting ready to turn a golden yellow to get a final view of the tower.

Lastly as the sun went down on a lovely day I returned to the campsite for a beer and another crack at the Waterloo Tower with its Cockerel on the top. 

For more information of this unique structure. click the link. The Waterloo Tower
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Very nice photos Mike.. I met the son and daughter of Mr Powell cotton back in the 70's installing you no what . The son and daughter both lived there, never married. And very elderly when I knew them. Now owned by a trust that was setup. The manager there on my last visit last year showed me around behind the scenes to see how much I remembered.

  2. I took many photos myself, but not looked at them since. I recommend the farm shop restaurant for coffee or breakfast. We use it quite often when down there as my sister only a short distance from there. And meet up with them for coffee.

    1. Interesting Ken, got to go around the house yet but it was so nice at the weekend we stayed outside.We actually camped on the front lawn with a view of the House and the Tower. Glad you liked the photos.

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures Mike. I love the little Shed and would like one, in a secret walled garden, like that, to use as a craft studio... a hideaway with those love poppies planted nearby ... sigh! dreams lol !
    E xxx