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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Prague, My View #2

Hi again folks,

today I  will take you inside the  Municipal House to look at the Art Nouveau Decor in the rooms below the theatre.
First off the staircase, you will notice the continuing theme with the towers and bridges as in the last blog. All pictures were taken without flash or tripod inside the building and in artificial light.

Tiles on the walls were amazing.

 At the base of the staircase rooms lead off.

With more decorations.

Then into the oldest bar in Prague.

Then into the Restaurant.

And the event hall with lovely stained glass windows.

Shot of one of the ceilings.


Lastly a couple more of the Art Nouveau to finish off.

That's the inside of just one of the buildings we visited. Thanks for looking, Regards, Mike


  1. What a fabulous. fabulous building... the restaurant is HUGE! Love the tiles. such attention to details everywhere.. Thanks Mike, I enjoyed this post .
    E xx

  2. Thanks Eileen, lots more buildings to show. Every time we entered a place we got a surprise, one of the many reasons we went back. xx