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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Prague, My View # 1

Hi folks,
just back from eight days in this wonderful city. and my what a wonderful place. The area is full of magical architectural marvels and sites that look different every time you look at them. Sue and I went there last Christmas to look at the lights and that was a prompt to return in the summer for another look and wow it was well worth it.
I will start a series of blogs on Prague but interrupt them when other events take place so bear with me and I am sure you will be rewarded with so few wonders of this city as I was.

Day one, on arrival we booked in to the hotel at lunchtime unpacked and started to walk into the city. Walking was fine but to speed things up the trams and the wonderful Metro helped us on our travels and is the ideal way to see the city. So off we go................

First off is the Municipal House with its fantastic facade of a mosaic image, the building was built between 1905-1911 and is one of the most important historical buildings in the whole country.

Close up of the mosaic, Tribute to Prague.

And the balcony below, the crest is of the city of Prague, three towers and an arm with a sword.

Even the lamps show the grandeur on the building.

From inside the entrance looking up and out with the canopy below the front balcony.

In the lobby is a magnificent staircase leading upwards to stained glass above the doors an a concert hall seating 2000 people.

In the entrance even the ticket desk is covered in ornate stained glass.

Well I made a start, hope you enjoyed the first part, many more to come. Regards Mike


  1. Mike... I settled down with a coffee and took my time looking at every picture . I so enjoy your posts from Prague. Seems to me that every building oozes class, elegance and great respect from the people of that country, who maintain and show they care about the beauty of their surroundings. Magnificent places.
    Thanks mike . ...waiting for more. E xx
    eileen xx

  2. Thanks for you lovely comment Eileen, more coming. XX

  3. Fantastic photos of the most beautiful buildings and decoration