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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Back Across the Solent

Hi folks,
holiday nearly at an end but not quite, we had another adventure on our way home. More about that next time.

We got and earlier ferry back which gave us a bit more time in the day. Leaving Fishbourne at 8 am

Passing out original 8.30 coming in to dock.

The clouds were gathering but I stayed on deck snapping away.

This was a new ferry the St. Clare with her shiny new paintwork.

The sea was flat calm.

Then passed the 9am ferry and the Hovercraft going in our direction a lot faster.

We rounded the Fort and entered Southsea.

Back to the mainland and our final trip home with another stop on the way.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed our holiday as much as we did. Mike and Sue

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  1. Hi Michael, Looks like you had a very good crossing to the Mainland, Mrs Egg.