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Monday, 21 September 2015

Last Post from Carisbrooke

Hi again folks,
last look at the gardens and a few I sneaked inside.

A few for Stephen who was here just before this marvelous statue was unveiled a year ago.

It shows " The Warrior"  General Jack Seeley 1868-1947.
He was a Liberal MP and lead one of the last cavalry charges at the battle of Morevil Wood on his horse Warrior in March 1918.
Seeley was a great friend of Sir Winston Churchill and was the only cabinet minister to go to the front line in 1914

 More information here

Ornate ironwork on the gate that enters the garden.

Another Donkey who;s name eludes me, waiting for his go on the wheel to please the visitors.

A visit inside the Museum and a model of the Castle,

The Chamber Organ, the oldest in England built in 1602 and is still in working order. It was presented to Princess Beatrice in 1937 on her 80th Birthday.

Reproduction of Elizabethan Bed with original panels in Charles 1 bedroom.

Looking out as he would have done at the Shell Keep.  

The Carisbrook Falcon, a gun that could fire shot three quarters of a mile. Made in fifteen forty nine to protect the Castle from the French.

Lastly a lone Mushroom showing that Autumn is not to far away.


  1. Thanks Mike the horse that could not be killed!!! So the video in side the castle said last year I am so pleased to see the statute

  2. Got to say it ... GREAT pictures here Mike.. loved reading this post with all the interesting facts and thanks for the link!
    Keep 'em coming ! E xx