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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Camping a Long Way from Home!

Hi folks,
last weekend we went to this lovely site only about seven miles away tn Rainhan, Kent.

Small CL with the basics but as we are all self sufficient so all was fine, arrived Friday afternoon in glorious sunshine which lasted all weekend.

The added attraction were the horses and the views across the river.

Saturday morning we awoke to a lot of dew and rather cold outside but we had our heating on so we were cosy and warm in our little van.

Above the site was a Orchard so we had a lovely walk in the sunshine before coffee with the river in the background. The pathway was on the "Saxon Shore Way" as you can see, other walkers were using it.

Looking around the Orchard with Apples just right for the picking but as it was private we left well alone.

Further on we attempted to get to the river but came to a dead end, something to investigate next time we go.

Looking across you can see the two towers by the Dockside Outlet with new flats being built in front.

Back on site Norman and Jean had arranges a coffee break for Macmillan Charity which raised about £55. Loads of sponges were bought out by Jean and lovely they were too. My diet went out the window that weekend.

After coffee Chris ( up the ladder) inspected Colin's Solar Panel whilst John our Chairman doing what he does best, sitting in a chair, ( we he is the Chairman).

At lunchtime we were too full to eat so we all took it easy, as you do.  Later the ladies set up the tables for "Afternoon Cream Tea" organised by our hosts Tony and Gloria. This is one of the table decorations by the ladies. There was a sense of one up-man-ship with the table decorations by the ladies, all in good fun I might add.

This on that a candle even though it was mid afternoon with the sun shining down. Leave them alone, they all had fun. The Cream Tea was so good that some of us had a "light" dinner.

Thanks to Gloria and Tony for putting on a fantastic spread.

We then after Sunday morning coffee and left over cake from Saturday, we made tracks for home, Thanks for looking Mike and Sue


  1. Hi Michael.
    Lovely photos, the cakes looked too good to eat, and that flower table decoration is beautiful, aia;m glad you enjoyed your weekend. Mrs Egg.

  2. Oh my word... what a super weekend with all the 'posh'' teas and cakes .. you lot know how to enjoy yourselves.... Love the site and so close to home! .. looks likely we are selling our Van... difficult to really get about on holiday with so many wee ''ones'' to look after!
    Eileen xxx