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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Back on the Bus to Ventnor

Hi folks,
today yet another bus ride. This time stopping off just before we entered Ventnor and checked out another Church, this one has the tallest steeple on the Island.

The Holy Trinity Ventnor,  the spire was nearly pulled down in 1980's but it was cheaper to rebuild it.

We entered whilst a choir practice was going on for a concert that evening. It was very dark and a lady saw the camera and rushed to turn the church lights on. Sue got her usual leaflet  to check out interesting features to photograph, she's good like that bless her.

Looking up the alter ceiling was beautiful.

A Nave alter was installed in 1968 stop the clergy being cut off from the congregation via this magnificent Rood Screen, taken looking back from the Altar.

Just a quick look and many thanks to the lady in blue who spotted me and turned the lights on.

Walking on we spotted this Heron in a Duck pond, a cafe was near by, time for a drink.

Suitably refreshed we continued on to find yet another church after talking to one of the parishioners.
Passing this sign amused us both with it's green boarder and inscription.

Having the long lens on I snapped this plant, not having a book I cant look it up so any suggestions welcome.

This is what we came for, the oldest church on the island.

Thanks for looking, Night Night, Mike and Sue


  1. How lovely of the lady to turn on the lights for you ... Beautiful church and such a bonus to have the choir for your visit! Super pictures and interesting features throughout, thanks to Sue and her leaflets xxxx