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Friday, 11 September 2015

Visit to Godshill and the Church on top of the Hill

Hi folks,
well today was a laugh that turned out well in the end. We started on a No3 Bus to Ventnor and then on to Blackgang Chine but we thought the bus was going into Ventnor bus garage but we missed the stop and ended up at Godshill in the centre of the island. Hey ho, never mind, a cup of tea and a scone soon put matters right.

What a lovely village, Sue spied it in the map for a later visit but arrived a bit early, never mind. The town was very picturesque as the local pub shows. 

We spied the church on top of the hill and made a bee line for it walking off our scone as we climbed the steep hill to the top.

Boy was it worth the climb, in front of the church were these lovely thatched cottages.

Next we arrived at the Church of the Lily Cross to investigate it's strange name. Loved the cloud formation in sky as if they beckoned us in.

The Church was built is the fourteenth century and is famous for it's unique mural which was alas behind a locked gate for safe keeping.

Undertured I put the camera through the bars and managed with the aid of my swivel screen obtain a picture or two.

Managed another a bit closer. The mural is unique because it is dated around 1450 with Christ and the Cross if Lilies. 

Just after I took it I actually found some real ones in a vase.

Outside on the south side of the Tower is a grotesque carving of a Gargoyle to ward off evil spirits with a bearded face with bared teeth and glaring  eyes. Can you spot him?

There he is below the centre pinnacle. The tower has been struck by lightning three times, perhaps the carving saved it.

Thanks for looking Mike and Sue


  1. wonderful Photos again. Beautiful cottages, beautiful scenery. your photos certainly bring out the best of photography. Stunning Photos.

  2. Hi Michael, great photos, Lovely ones of the Church and murals, and the thatched cottages, very picturesque. looks like you're both enjoying your time on the Isle of Wight,Plants enjoying their holiday. Mrs Egg.

  3. Mike your mission should you choose to accept it is to get a shot of Five Godshill church from one location!!
    {hint look here}

    1. Hi Stephen, just looked at your blog and with the reference to five churches I could only do four. Been around the model village and like your shots.

  4. Pleased you arrived here early ... Love the church and the shots of that Mural... VERY interesting. What a very pretty and lovely village . How about you play the '' I' ve missed my stop!'' game again ! lol
    Eileen xx