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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

To the Sea at Selsey

Hi folks,
continuing on with our trip with the Sussex Motorcaravanners Club we started to do the quiz laid on as part of our enjoyment of the weekend.

Sue with her favorite implement, a pen ticking off the questions dotted around the neighborhood.

One of the questions was what is the mound out to sea? Of course it was the Isle of White.

Back to the Lifeboat and the weather started to improve so we popped inside to have a look.

A large winch greeted us to pull her back from the sea

The two large pipes were to collect te exhaust gas with a third sucking the fumes out of the roof.

Closeup of her propeller with brass polished.

Rear deck housing the engines.

Crews quarters.

Bow up against the door ready to deploy.

Boards showing her many missions over the years, great visit and a few bob placed in the collection pot before we started our return to the town.

Thanks to the comment on the blog before last I found a classic car on our return, an Austin A35 Van in pres-teen condition. 

Nearly back to the camp site which was a school we passed this just off the High Street.
Thanks for looking and please lease a comment if you can either on here of Facebook, Mike

1 comment:

  1. Glad you found your A35 Mike! That life boat is just magnificent, like the people that crew them all year round! Did you and Sue win a prize?
    We are off soon but don't think we will get such good weather that you found here, for at least some of your time!
    Eileen xx