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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Carisbrooke Castle

Hi folks,
Whilst in the Isle of White we visited the old Castle ruin run by English Heritage in which people had lived since the Norman Conquest, it protected us from the French in 1377, it was also a Prison and a Home.

Main gatehouse

The courtyard with the Great Hall and Museum with the famous Charles1 window which he tried to escape from whilst imprisoned, now altered.

Sorry only the top of the Chapel as a van was parked below.

Inside this fabulous Alter greeted us.

together with this wondrous ceiling.

Wood carvings in the ends of the Pews, St Luke.

Tennyson's Pew

Then on the the Wellhouse with a demonstration by a willing Donkey.

Here he is in action but only for a few seconds.

Meet Jimbob, after his hard work, he turned the wheel twice.

Outside were some Cannons protecting the Castle.

More on the next blog thanks for looking, Mike and Sue


  1. Jim Bob was in the wheel when we were there last year

    1. Yes he has a lot of character and everyone loves him..

  2. Awww... I want that Donkey.! .. That Alter and the ceiling... just stunning! Great blog post from you Mike.. I so enjoy my catch up time... Coffee , toast and interesting blogs to read. sorted!
    E xx