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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Osborne House

Hi folks,
Yesterday we visited this lovely house run by English Heritage. Photographs are not allowed inside but outside you have free access.

The rear was the most attractive with it's terraces and wonderful sculptures and plants.

We toured the house and from the Nursery at the top of the house I was given permission to take a photograph out of the window but was not allowed to take any inside due to it being part of the Royal Collection.

This was the fantastic view from the window on the  nursery window on the top floor.

Outside on the rear terrace looking towards the sea.

Another view from the upstairs in the house of the garden terrace.

The Famous Swiss Chalet in the grounds.

Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine down by the sea.

Lastly a view among the shore with the Bathing Machine in the background and the steps leading to the sea.
Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.

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  1. Fascinating, fascinating stuff here Mike.. what a fabulous place. It must cos pretty penny for its up keep but we need to treasure buildings like this. Love the post . thank you Might get my own bathing machine for down the strand in Gillingham!
    E xx