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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Getting the Needle

Hi folks, guess where we are?

You guessed it!

Some got the bus, we all walked except the two girls who got a lift in a Motorhome.

Halfway up we stopped to get a picture or two.

Tried out the Pano on the camera.

One of Alum Bay and it's coloured sands.

Sue and Teresa at the top having a chat as you do.

Smashing view of the Needles

From the other side of cliff.

And of course the 75th Goodwood Anniversary fly past.

At the bottom we a messed about and took pictures of a garden with loads of ornaments.

Final one the our Sue liked the best.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.


  1. I remember Alum sands well. Probably still jars of the liquid gold. Looks as if it was blustery and plenty of rain. Nice photos agai.

    1. Hi Ken, I thought about the sand that we used to collect as nippers and buy the inverted test tubes with a cork in it. Due to coastal erosion I'm sure it's been stopped.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Its a bracing walk isn't it Mike but worth it Did you go in the Battery or the Rocket Sylos??

    1. Yes it was a very bracing walk for a man of my age. Still I did it.
      Missed a bit of the Sylos due to the fly past.
      Thanks for the comment it means a lot

  3. Great post again Mike, with your usual standard of lovely pictures... I remember those test tubes of sand too! ... Yeah... looks a bit breezy! lol