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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cocoa Beach

Hi folks,
I hope you have all enjoyed a snapshot of our holiday as it comes to a close. Today Sue and I left Daytona on our own for our last day in the hire car and had a lovely time at this spot although the weather was not really Florida style.

Lovely colours of the pier greeted us on our arrival

Approaching the pier Sue pointed this sign out.

The weather was actually very kind to us as although it looked like the heavens would open any minute the rain stayed away.

This tickled us on the approach and we have never seen one of these machines before. You stood on the plate and water washed your feet, all free of course.

Looking towards the end of the pier the Tiki Bar was doing a good trade and there were loads of fisherman and ladies doing there thing.

The surfers put on a good show and you had a great view of them them from the end of the pier.

The star was this Pelican who loved having his picture taken.

You can see how brave he was, all he wanted was the fish from the fisherman's lines.

and the surfers kept on riding the waves.

The pier emptied as the light started to fade and it started to spit with rain.

We sheltered under the pier from the rain.

Last one of the Lifeguard still on duty looking after the swimmers and surfers.

Tomorrow the car goes back and the packing begins, we should get out on our last day but the weather is a factor. Mike and Sue


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get out today. I was even happier to hear the car and see you walk through the door. The ending to this most wonderful time is approaching too quickly!!!

  2. Hi Michael, I'm sure both you and Sue will be sorry that this holiday is nearly over, but you have many wonderful photos and I love the Pelican waiting for the fish, he certainly is brave. Mrs Egg.

  3. Glad all went well. Sad when it comes to an end. Always another day.Good photos there. Nice to see the familiar piers in the states as well. Good shot of that Pelican.

  4. Great action shots with the surfers! ... Love the Pelicans too. It looks a bit chilly but still an amazing place to see... you and Sue have sure packed a lot in to your travels!
    E xxx