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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Florida Highlights

Hi folks,
sorry for the delay, Some of you may know that I went down with a sinus attack just after we returned from Florida and I have been on antibiotics to clear it up. The attack left my left eye closed and I could not do any computer work until now. Only looking at my phone and the occasional look on the tablet was all I could manage.
Still all over now and getting back to as normal as I could be.
I see that the weather has improved since we returned so stuck indoors I thought I would start again and show you some of the holiday that the laptop did not allow due to the time element whilst away. I hope you all don't get bored I need to process some images to keep so I thought I would show them as I go.

Sue didn't look forward to the flight so was a bit apprehensive this is the last picture of her in the UK in 2015.

On our plane it was lovely and half empty which was nice, loads of room to stretch out. The sun was shining as well.

We are off as we taxied down the runway at Gatwick.

Below the fields of Kent and home as we headed for the coast and across the Atlantic.

Now high in the air and on our 4,000 mile trip

Above the clouds in the sunshine, walking around looking out of the other windows at 40,000 feet.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue

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  1. Love all the catch pictures and blog posts after your trips all the little details we missed