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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slough Fort, Unearthed History

Hi folks,
and now for something completely different. Came home Tuesday and now on another tour, this time a fort built in the 1860's to defend Allhallows from invasion before and during the world wars. Tucked away in a holiday camp this jewel is now being uncovered and slowly reinstated to show it's history.

The gates into the secure site.

Brief history of the gun emplacement to protest us from invasion.

Our guide explaining in great detail all the aspects of the fort.

Main entrance showing the rear fortifications which housed soldiers in the event of an attack from the rear. The wall is Kentish Ragstone.

Inside the seven casemates which are now blocked off, originally accommodated guns that were positioned pointing out to sea. It is generally thought that the guns were pushes out of the openings and could be buried below and will be excavated at a later date.

From above you can clearly sea Southend across the estuary. thus giving the fort a strategic point on the river.

Looking down into the casemates, to the right was the cook house and stores and giving rear protection as mentioned earlier.

Stairs on both side leading to the batteries above.

On to the other more modern rampart to the right was this massive gun with a range of nine miles.

Remains of the gun emplacement showing its gun holding studs.

Area just uncovered and drained to the right of the fort.

This was an opening originally covered with thick glass to house oil lamps for lighting with a door to the side as there was a risk of explosion,

The four pictures above are of the newly excavated magazine and ammunition store. Last picture you can just read the word magazine painted on the wall.

Back in the reception is a history of the fort and some artifacts recovered.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.


  1. Where is this Mike? Nice photos and good explanation now we need location please...ta

  2. Hi Frank, you caught me out for a minute. Allhallows is the location as in the first paragraph. it was special trip laid on for volunteer recruitment yesterday.

  3. Sounds like s very intresting place Michael

    1. Sure is, will tell you about it tomorrow.

  4. Incredible that most of us new nothing of this Fort. looks very interesting. Appears most of it still exists. Informative Photos. Thanks for Educating us. At Cardiff gate services meeting laura then onto Kent.

    1. Will we see you Ken? I have seen that Bob is in hospital so maybe not.

  5. Fab pictures Mike... Pleased I can sit and enjoy the pictures of the refurbished site, whilst sipping my morning coffee,safe in the knowledge that come the warmer weather, I can skip (using that term loosely) down the road and see it for real! Brilliant job getting the fort back to this shape!

    Eileen xx