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Sunday, 10 January 2016

I Tried All The Holiday And Today Eureka!

Hi folks,
well this is it, the next to one blog of the holiday and what a day.
Vickie, Pat and Jordynne took us to Blue Springs, a State Park which had the Manatees running due to the colder, cloudier weather. What a sight and a delight to see these wonderful creatures that are mammals and have to surface to breath.

The area was a spring and the temperature had dropped in the ocean over the last few days and the Manatees started to come further into warm in the constant 72 degrees under the trees.

The board walk is usually kept open for swimmers but they are stopped when the Manatees come in closer.

First real shot of this graceful manual below the water, which had to come up for air so I waited.

It's rear fin is huge.

Then up it came for air with its snout just above the water line.

This one shows the full length.

On the boardwalk was a statue in mosaic.

I liked this sign.

The water was so clear the fish were easy to photograph and as manatees are vegetarians fish are safe.

Another apt sign.

A couple of shots of the environment which looked so beautiful.

Finally as if to say goodbye, two Cormorants looked on.

What a great end to a fantastic holiday, Mike and Sue


  1. For me... THE BEST post of your hols... I'm blown away by these lovely creatures and I want to see them for real... Thanks Mike for sharing. Stunning animals in a calm and beautiful environment . E xxx

  2. Hi Michael, what do people say leave the best until last, these are fabulous photos.Mrs Egg.