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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Eye, Eye, This One Nearly Got Away

Hi folks,
it was the day before we left so on to Orlando to do some shopping then back to Daytona to sleep the back again to Orlando to fly home. As you can imagine the day was a bit tiring so I left out this one  until I got home.

Would you believe it the eye was closed for maintenance so all we could do was to take pictures of it stationary, just my luck.

It's 40ft shorter that our London Eye because of the planes to the airport otherwise I am sue they would have loved it to be BIGGER than the London Eye. Still it looked good although you could not get that far away and I had to use a wide angle lens. The sky was a bit cloudy too but as you can see the sun was breaking through. 

Inside the foyer was a desk selling tickets to Legoland.

The till caught my eye, get it?  Can you see the mistake in the spelling?

Back outside the Gondola reminded me of the O2 cable car that we went in with Margaret singing Happy Birthday.

Magic part of the evening, Pat won Vickie a Donald Duck in the amusement arcade. And guess what, Vickie loves the Duck, it is her favorite Disney character

Back to the Eye and this shot was taken with my fish eye lens and corrected on the computer.

Night was falling and it was time to hit the road for Daytona for the last time.

I will leave you with this one of the waterfall by the side of the Eye.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue now home in the UK.


  1. Once again you left the best till last, the waterfall with the lighting is wonderful, I bet the Americans are jealous of our London Eye, and thanks for reminding me of my special birthday song while travelling across the Thames on the Emirates capsules. great fun that day. Mrs Egg.

  2. Such great pictures and even more wonderful memories!! You know, I love Donald Duck, and everything about him! Quackin-"We miss you so much!" IF I found a photography job for you here would you move and buy the house next to ours? LOL

  3. We miss you too. With regards the job, I would love too but I know how cutthroat it is here and well as in the States. Still getting over our fantastic trip with loads of images still to process and look at and it will take some time. The UK is sooooo different than the States and I love both in different ways. We had a KFC tonight and talked about our trip as we did not have one in the States.
    Miss you both and thanks again for you wonderful generosity, and helping to make our trip so wonderful. Take care guys and give Ted a big cuddle from us both. xx

  4. I feel sad that your trip is over.... and I did'nt even go!!
    Eileen xxx