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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Last Day and a Chocolate Factory

Hi folks,
last blog of the holiday although a lot has been missed out due to lack of time in our busy schedule. Also back on a PC which helps a lot as I am more used to it.
On the last day we all visited a chocolate factory for some free samples and a tour which again was set up and organized by our fantastic hosts Vickie and Pat.

The factory was situated on Beach Road Daytona just along from the Marina.

As we entered the smell was divine and chocolates everywhere with lots of free samples too.

The firm was started by these two women in the kitchen in 1925 and has now grown into this magnificent shop and factory. (note the train Charles)

Chocolate eggs!

Sue and Vickie in their element, ah chocolate!

Bacon and Egg on a plate with Orange. Now the bacon is real smokey bacon covered in dark chocolate and lasts about eight weeks, if you don't eat it.

Now on to the factory, the device on the right envelops the cherry with a thin coating of you guessed it....chocolate.

This chap had a boring job of imprinting the symbol of the type of chocolate it was. ( note how the Americans spell moulds) 

This happy chappy pressed the chocolate into the mould, see his right hand was blurred with the speed of the operation.

Finished product just out of the mould.

Lastly the shop where all the goodies are sold, you can just see our tour guide on the right.

Right, that was it, back to the house and off to the airport. thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.


  1. Next visit we may have to serve up a special bacon and eggs snack! The factory is such a neat place and their products are divine! I like that it is small and family owned. It was a great way to spend some of the empty time before heading to the airport! We bought some of the carmel corn with white chocolate that they were handing out samples of. Wish you were here to share it with!

    1. You kept that a secret, was a lovely day with GREAT friends. Hope you enjoyed my half lol.

  2. Wonderful, not sure I'd like chocalate if I had to work in the shop, I probably would have eaten it all, don't fancy the egg and bacon chocolate. Mrs Egg.

  3. Mrs Egg, the egg was white chocolate on it's own, only the bacon was real. lol

  4. Oh my word .. I'm sure I'm piling on the weight by just looking at this post ... fabulous pictures Mike... just want to be in the shop and have a scoff!! lol
    E xx