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Friday, 8 January 2016

Key West

Hi folks,

well we went to Key West and it's a long story and yes the sun did shine but not long enough.

We parked up for free by the front but in a different position for the last time we came and found this nice center full of useful information.

Lots of exhibits for see and we spent a while there before we left.

This chap was displaying himself in all his glory.

We walked past this old coast Guard Vessel which you can go on and watch the sunset at weekends, unfortunately it was mid week so we continued to the park.

The sunset was a bit of a disappointment due to the clouds hanging on the horizon.

But I managed a couple before we started the three hour drive back off the Keys, we would have stayed the night but the cost was out of this world.

We returned to Daytona the next day as the weather deteriorated.
Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.


  1. Nice photos inspire of little sun. Its composition and the subject that produce a goodes photo. Reminds me
    Must take my camera out today. Otherwise Mike Sue, 10 out of 10 again. Off out at 8.30 ourselves. Must get cracking. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Ken for your kind comment. Yes towards the last week the wx has been a bit rainy but we have had a good time with lovely friends to stay with part of the time.

  2. Hi Michael, Lovely photos, special the fish, I think the weather has been a disappointment to a lot of people, we're continuing to have flash floods,in the south east, as well as in the North and Scotland. Mrs EGG.

    1. Thanks Margaret, we have had a great time. So much to see and do but we think we have done well.

  3. I'm a bit sad cos your trip is nearly over... The places you have taken us too with your lovely pictures and interesting info, have been fantastic... this post is no exception... I enjoy them all. E xx