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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Day at "Home" in Daytona

Hi folks,

today we stayed local as tomorrow we are off on our final part of our trip to Key West before flying home. As usual the blog depends on local wi-fi so I will post this early.

Off to the local market which sold everything you could imagine, Vickie and Sue buying fruit from this local trader.

Beautiful selection to choose from.

Slightly Bruised Tomatoes at approximately 80p a pound. 

The market consisted of many buildings that you could walk through one to another. This area sold food on laid out tables as well. 

Outside was the finish of a car show which we quickly went around, this Corvette was magnificent standing all on her own.

Followed by this old modified Ford with strange paintwork.

And a very different radiator cap.

with unusual decals.

Lastly this Chrysler Thunderbird...............

.........................with an unusual rear bumper.

Talking about unusual, how about this drive in Church!, no kidding.

The front area with the outside parking at the rear.

At the rear stood the church which held the services, the congregation parked there cars on the grass adjacent to the vertical poles. A speaker was obtained and plugged int the pole with a jack plug.The congregation would then sit in there vehicles and listen to the service just as you would in a drive in movie, how different and that?

Thanks for looking, back on our travels tomorrow, Mike and Sue.


  1. Interesting post Mike! Especially the Church! Like the shopping pictures, retail therapy stuff is always more appealing to us ladies than old cars!! lol lol lol 'Hiding behind the sofa' E xxxxx

    1. Well thank you Eileen, still waiting for that special flower for that special lady.
      What a creep I am.

  2. Nice blog as usual think i have a photo of a radiator cap like that

  3. Thanks Bob, last fling this week and my has is gone fast.

  4. Hi Michael, I agree with Eileen, retail therapy is better than looking at cars, Americans always have to be different, drive in church what next. Safe journey to the Keys. Mrs Egg.