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Monday, 4 January 2016

See They Do Have Rain In Florida

Hi folks.

Today we left our wonderful friends in Daytona to finish our trip to the Keys. On the way we stopped at Lake Okeechobee which is the largest lake in Florida, with levys built up around it to stop flooding we wanted to visit it again to show everyone how America helped the British in our time of need. Tomorrow we hope to visit the town hall in Clewiston again and show you the reason for those who don't know and there are many.

 Not a very nice day at Lake Okeechobee but at least we got over the levys this time.

We drove over a ramp on the levy and into this park on the edge of the lake a wonderful place to be when the sun shines.

Sue did a bit of climbing.

watched the speed boats going up the canal beside the lake.

I think our Sue was a bit cold, not what she expected.

Sorry about not naming the wild life, I left the book back in Daytona. No it's a Limpkin, the book was in the car.

We both loved the Palm tree with ears.

This was a sort of bird of prey by the look of his beak. Looking it up on the net I think it is an Eurasian Kestrel.

Anyway off to bed soon and hope for some news on the town tomorrow. Mike and Sue


  1. Try again as swapped to 3g service. Lovely photos Mike and Sue. My American aquatancies suggest colder air moving later, but may not be your area. Many back to work today. Laura starts a new Job in February, a new challenge and life style in her case. Look forward to next photos. We need to see a Sun. Forgotten what a sun looks like here. Lights on nearly all day. Cheers.

  2. Lovely shots Mike the raptor is an Osprey

  3. Ahhh love the birds and that Palm tree! Sue looks as if she is having a wonderful time .... not! lol lol lol