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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Farnham Castle

Hi folks,
just up from the campsite was this 900 year old castle built on a mound in the 16th century overlooking Farnham, with a very interesting history.

Outer fortifications with Marion and Sue standing guard with Harry.

The entrance gateway with the last surviving tower still standing. The portcullis would have been situated above the wall to drop down for added protection.

Wall - walk, above the entrance gateway this had steps leading up to the surviving wall with doors which lead onto the turrets at first floor level. 

One of the few remaining arrow windows.

Looking back towards the original Norman central tower foundations and well which originally had a 50 foot square tower rising up  and a well going down below. 

Looking over the wall by the north turret you can see the funfair and beyond was the campsite in Farnham park. To the right in the trees was the steep footpath leading down into the town.

Looking back towards the gateway, the original fortifications only lasted seventeen years and was demolished by civil war. It was rebuild in the 12 and early 13 century.

I have a part two to follow, Mike