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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Deal Castle

Hi folks,

On Sunday we continued our journey along the coast to Deal and stopped at the Castle. I was amazed that we had never been in the Castle before even though my late Auntie lived  in Deal all her life and as a child I went there on holidays.

What a wonderful day we had with bright sunshine as we walked the Bastions looking out to sea.

Looking back towards this Magnificent if not small Castle.

Again looking towards the Pier and the fishing boats on the beach. (They are coming tomorrow)

Inside was a bit sparse although the pictures of  past Captains of the Castle helped brighten the place up a bit. Could do with a bit more furniture.

Really nice Chapel created after the first world war.

Bakers oven

Birds Eye or Sweeps eye view in the oven. There you go Eileen all clean and ready for you.

That's it, thanks for looking

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Great pictures Mike. I have never been inside Deal Castle but have been to its twin sister at Walmer. If you havent been there its well worth the trip, more furniture inside for a start.

    1. Hi Mike, we plan to visit Walmer as well but it isn't open just yet. This winter English Heritage have opened a few, including Deal and Richborough perhaps to see how it goes.
      Glad about the furniture! I thought Deal Castle was just right for moving into as there were lots of empty rooms!

  2. Well this brought back happy memories for me Mike... went to visit the castle years ago and had a super day out. Lovely post with great pictures, my fave is the OVEN! lol lol lol ... Eileen xxx

  3. Love the guided tour mike, Thank you for sharing, as we probably would'nt
    get to see stuff like this.......great pics too !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Lovely pictures, I haven't been inside the castle.must get around to see more of english heritage, because they all get pulled down.