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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Walk to Maidstone

Hi folks,

Well as it is Saturday and I should be working I took a vehicle with major electrical problems to  a specialist in Maidstone. I dropped the vehicle off near Aylesford and walked by the river to meet Sue in Maidstone.

The day started off a bit drab with low cloud but I plugged in my music got the camera out and headed for the town.

Didn't get to far when the phone rang, it was Trev so I chatted as I walked along the river bank.

All the birds were flocking towards me as it was early looking for food but they were all unlucky

There were loads of rowing boats out training whilst I strolled along.

This swan came over in a bit of a hurry making a large wake in front of him......

............. until he put the brakes on.

Right I am stopping now to put up a picture for Trev.

Taken at dusk showing Jupiter at the top, Venus next to the moon and Mercury down in the light, all supposed to be in a line but I think Venus had other ideas.

Hope Fred is ok.

Will continue my walk to Maidstone tomorrow.

nite nite, love Mike XX


  1. smashing the cosmic shot !
    chris and dave R

  2. Nice to see loads of activity on the river, lovely to have such a sunny day.

  3. Super Pictures Mike .... I love the spring, everyone seems so much happier! Gorgeous shots of the swans etc on the river... and Venus!!
    Eileen xxx

  4. nice pictures mike

  5. nice pictures mikefrom richard

  6. Beautiful pictures, Do we dare to think that spring may be on it's way. Are you thinking of taking over from Patrick Moore, with The Sky at Night, marvellous photos.

  7. You manage the three Mike, well done. When I went out this morning Saturn was in the west.

    A nice lot of shots

    1. Hope you are OK Trev. thanks for the comment

  8. Thanks for all your really nice comments folks.