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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Leeds Castle in the Winter

Hi folks, on the way back fro dropping Daisy off, Sue and I thought we would have a brief stop at Leeds castle.

Well was it cold or what.

As we walked in Sue said, "were's the Peacocks?" as there were none at the entrance due to the lack of visitors and none as we walked up the path to the Duck pond. I thought that due to the cold weather they had been collected up and bedded down, but at that point I spotted them all together in the sunshine above the Waterfall.

Thank goodness I said they are still here .

At this point we decided to forget about the castle and both headed back along the footpath to the pond, past the Waterfall .

We had to keep walking as it was freezing. The weather looked nice in the pictures but there was ice on the lake.

Back at the pond the birds were all under the bridge in the sunshine. No names that's down to you lot..... well perhaps not,  now dont give me any stick, it's a..........Male Tufted Duck.

Times three Tufted Ducks. The females have brown under belly's, I think, well that's what the RSPB guide says. See I'm trying to learn.

These two are on thin ice. Male and Female Mallard, tried to get the colours of the rear end of the male but no such luck.

Wahayyy, this ain't much fun.

Moorhen who I think has had enough of the cold water as he has just jumped out..

In the sunshine the Daffs were beginning to shoot up, I hope Jack Frost is kind to them.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Well done Mike, cold fingers and cameras don't mix.

    I like the Tufted ducks.

    Snow here last night see blog

  2. You're soooo Brave, stopping to take photos.the ducks looked cute.

  3. This was our shortest visit ever to Leeds Castle but once you have been there the ticket covers you for a year so it was free and then of course we were going to be driving past the door.
    The birds were managing the ice very well except for the one in the 7th picture which did a bit of a slide before regaining its' dignity.

  4. Smashing shots Mike, nice to see the daff shoots, so we know spring is on the way !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Lovely post Mike .... super pictures I like 'em all .... The peacocks are magnificent birds . Got all the names as well xxx

    No PS ...always a bonus lol xxxx

  6. Holly wants to know if those Peacocks taste like chicken?

  7. Na, no meat on Peacocks, stick to Eileen's Chicken. far taster.XX