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Friday, 17 February 2012

On Thin Ice! Leeds Castle

Hi folks,

After our usual excursion to Ashford and the fact that the weather was not too bright we, that is Trev, Sue and myself stopped off at Leeds Castle as we are now all fully paid up members, Trev included.

My it was still cold and the lakes were still covered in ice, the wildlife was having a job coping with it. Sue also had her camera and took a few of these.

The first is self explanatory.

The lower basin had just started to thaw and the birds were making the most of the newly reclaimed water.

These Mallards were having none of the frozen main area and skidadled, literally over to a side stream which had no ice. Clever Ducks.

This female Mallard thought it would be good to stand on the ice one foot at a time and bury her head in her wings. I think she was a bit fed up.

The Tufted Ducks were still there.

Not seem a Moorhen out of water before!

Same with this Coot, they walk out of water like they have Arthritis.

And the star of the show, Sue's peacock. Still some snow about.

Tune in tomorrow for the fight!

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike.


  1. Poor old birds Mike ... still spring is on the way ... Super Peacock shot Sue ! xxx

    1. Dont tell her but I think she did very well. XX

  2. I like the tufted Duck Mike.

    Sue did do well

  3. Sue did wonderfully well......Great shots Sue, we loved them !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Doh that's it, going down the Pub. XX lol

  4. Thank you fans, I went a bit off course so I found some shots that they didn't see.
    The Leeds Castle "Thin Ice" sign was a definite must, not that the people go into the water. Maybe they should have put the sign down by the lakes for the benefit of the ducks/birds?

  5. lovely photos, It must be difficult for the water birds this time of year, do you think they moan to each other about the cold.

    1. Thanks Margaret for a general photo comment, you are a diplomatic STAR XX.