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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Poor Snowman!!

Hi folks,

Update on our snowman.

Well my dumpy, frumpy snowman is still with us.

After all the rude comments about our Daisy's snowman I can announce that he is still about.  I have kept the back gate locked so the Boris saboteur cannot get at him.

His hat / fez / bucket / plant pot, (depending on your point of view), blew away the first night and also his right eye fell out.  His nose is suffering a little from frost bite but other than that he stands or lays proud with his arms outstretched.

So a"little" snowman goes a long way.

Staying in the warm today although a sick car is arriving this afternoon.

Thanks for looking.

Bye bye, luv Mike XX


  1. glad to hear that your dwarf snowman is still going strong. pity about his eye. hope he does get too much frost bite'

  2. Well Mike, he might be rubbish on the outside but at least he's got firm foundations, so he must have been built well.......More snow forecast for tonight so you really should make him a friend !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. This post made me laugh Mike ..... I am pleased your dumpy bloke is still around... Looks like you may be able to build him a friend soon! lol xx

  4. @ Margaret, his nose has gone brown.

    @ Chris, he might have a new friend in the morning.

    @ Trev, his nose has gone brown.

    @ Eileen, we might have three dumpy blokes in the morning.

  5. What do you mean two dumpy snowmen and one dumpy blogger? xxx