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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The End of an Era

Hi folks,

What a wonderful day it was today, so we up sticks and with a picnic in the boot went to the coast. On the way to Ramsgate we stopped off at Richborough Roman Fort and joined "English Heritage" as it looks like the UK is our holiday for this year and there are so many places that we haven't ever visited.

Crikey the sky was really that blue, no polariser honest, this is the remains of the outer wall.

This is what we really came to see, Richborough Power Station, opened in 1962 burning coal from the local coal mines, converted to burn oil in 1971 and closed in 1996.  There has been a "fight" to preserve it as part of our Industrial Heritage but the campaigners lost and it is due to be demolished this year.   

We don't know when this Icon will be literally blown up as it seems that there are birds involved, maybe nesting, it isn't clear.  I wanted to record it before the big day, perhaps this is the last time we shall see it standing.

From earlier pictures we found out why there is a door in the chimney stack (the big building in front has already gone).
This is as close as I could get, Sue read in the paper that they will detonate the cooling towers seconds apart, one - two - three, then the stack will fall across the site.  The road will be closed, I can't imagine how much dust it will make!
It looks like the Council are going to put a Green Energy site on the land.

We spent the rest of the day visiting Deal Castle before going to Sandwich for a Fish and Chip Supper. On our return to the A2 is was getting dark so I snapped this on the way through. This may be the last you see of this Power Station, (a sigh of relief from Eileen) I hear her say.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite luv Mike xx


  1. Don't tell Trev but I found this post very interesting .... I can't say I am sorry that they will be getting rid of it tho ... there are prettier buildings lol lol lol xxxx

    1. We were surprised at how short a time it was actually operational, a mere 34 years even being converted to oil. The costs involved in proportion to the profit it generated (no pun) just don't add up.
      I wonder how much it will cost to eradicate, there is a solar "field" with many solar panels an angles close to the ground just behind it as well!

  2. Well PS's do look nice in the sunshine, nice one Mike

  3. Lovely photos mike, Ron and I use to go there a lot when we went fishing, and the fish didn't bite,so we would wonder around the coast. and you choose a sunny day.

  4. Fabulous pics Mike....and Eileen found it interesting !!!!!
    Roll on the sunshine hey !!!!!
    Chris and Dave R

  5. How did you manage not to get the Wind Turbine in your shot? That was an even bigger waste as it only ran for about 2 years before they closed the power station down