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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Back again

Hi folks,

Well I'm back after a day in the smoke and no I don't smell like a Kipper.

All went ok so now I play the waiting game again and go back in a month for a check up.

Daisy came to meet me in her Doctors outfit to take me home for a consultation.  She put some pretend cream on the back of my hand and bandaged it so this helped my sinuses as you can imagine.

I have not taken any photos today as I was tired and having a rest so this is one from earlier.

Hopefully I shall soon be back to my old self and enjoying life again.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Welcome back Mike, dont over do things and get yourself back to full health. Keeping fingers crossed that all will be ok now.

    1. Will take a while,on high medication for a month followed by another consultation in London.

      Need to get active but I will have to let nature take it's course. Softly softly catches Monkey.

  2. Phew... good to see you back Mike... fingers crossed they have sorted it. Glad you have nurse Daisy to help !! Stunning picture xx

    1. Excuse me, her badge says Dr. Daisy, get her title correct.
      She has this morning put more imaginary cream on the back of Granddads hand and bandaged it and then declared it getting better. So there ... LOL

  3. Welcome home Mike I am glad that you are are ok, Give it the month and you will be rocking

  4. Yer, just in time for the BBQ.

  5. Glad to hear that you had the expertise of DR Daisy to nurse you back to health,
    Hope everything is ok Mike.....stunning shot !!
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Holly and me want to know what colour your eyes are. Panda looking?


  7. My eyes are fine, I was quite surprised after wot they did to me. They actually drilled a hole through my skull so that they could connect the two upper frontal sinus together to allow drainage. I have a dull tolerable ache in the centre of my forehead but apart from that I am fine.

    Need to get out and about. XX