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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hi folks,

Arrived at Southsea about 3.30pm.

The sky was a bit milky with just a hint of sun behind the clouds. We stopped off at Liphook on the way and spent a lovely afternoon in Hollycombe Steam Museum. will do a separate blog of  this at a later date.

This is looking across to the Isle of White.

The quick way of getting there, the hovercraft.

Then there is the luxurious way of getting there

Finally the Spinnaker Tower, you can climb 100 metres (in the lift)! and get all round views, we have been there before but may journey there again.

Hope to put a better and longer blog up tomorrow  but would you believe my laptop is playing up now.
Right off to bed, going on a bus tomorrow.

nite all, Mike XX.


  1. It take me back a few year as I spent a lot of time there at Cosham.

    Try and take the time to go up on Portsdown Hill as the view is a lot better as you are higher up. You can see from Havent in the east right round to Gosport in the west. Well worth the time.

  2. Yer, we spoke about this before, will have to be Monday as tomorrow planed and kites sat and Sunday

  3. lovely blog glad you are both having a nice time. the 1st photo is stunning, the light is just right. Didn't know that the hoovercraft was still working, good luck with the kite flying. see you Tuesday.

  4. Love that first shot should be blown up and framed....its glorious !
    We had a great time in Brighton....hope you have a great time away too !!!
    hugs to you and the lovely Sue ....
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Thanks folks and a big hug to Chris for taking the time and trouble to go back and give such lovely comments. It is not easy to think up and do these blogs every day and I must admit at times I have nearly given up. It is only people like you that make me want to carry on.
    Thanks and hugs Mike XX

  6. Just a rider to that Chris the laptop I use the screen is going so I was working blind so to speak.