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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hothfield with Trev.

Hi folks,

just to catch up here are a few of last Wednesdays short trip out with Trevor.

We walked into the Heathland and straight away came across the wild horses, they are very friendly and love a stroke

Further down the hill was our friends the Longhorns, Trev is now used to them and he does not run away anymore.

I think they are great and very majestic amongst the ferns.

Across the bridge and over the bog I spied this little critter on a log, snap went the shutter and he was mine before he flew away.

Finally the weather started to change and the cattle and  horses headed for cover, with that we headed for the car.

Well that's it, thanks for dropping by.

Off to Portsmouth at the weekend so should get some Kite pictures.

nite nite, luv Mike


  1. Well that post fell on deaf ears not even the bloke who I took could not bother to comment.

  2. Well Mike......I enjoyed your great shots, you always provide great variety and entertainment to me, so thank you !!
    I love those longhorn....they look so fierce and yet so gentle !
    Chris and Dave R