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Monday, 13 August 2012

Teston Kite Festival

Hi folks,

Just returned from a fantastic kite venue, totally shattered after a long weekend but I thought I would give a small taster of the event.

The event was on the outskirts of Maidstone in a park by the Medway.

Wow what a bright sky, still the lovely G Force low wind kite owned by a club member stole the show. I understand that the Club, The Kent Kite Flyers which I am a member have quite a few owned by flyers.

Not sure of the name but I am sure the owner will comment.

Kite built by our President, a Rokkaku for a charity called " Slideaway" which helps young bereaved people get back on their feet. A really worthwhile cause, Heather, one of our members ran a Children's' Kite Making Stall.

Pole junk, not really junk but various small inflatables tethered to a pole.


Bee on a pole, note the bow spar on his back creates a buzzing sound.

Dragon Kite.

Photography using a pole, this enables pictures to be taken from high above the scene.

This is a high view of the Kent Kite Flyers area with various kites laid about.

Lastly a selection of kite flyers from all over the South of England using the Bridge as a backdrop. It was a wonderful day with plenty of vivid colour.

Sorry for the late posting but I have had trouble with my computer and had to wait.

Thanks for dropping by.

Cheers, have a good day, luv Mike XX


  1. Great shot of the Ladybird and the wasp

  2. The kite you were not sure of the name of is called Angel's Play. Designed by Australian kite maker Robert Brassington and manufactured by New Tech Kites

  3. Amazing colours, and that kite on the pole was fantastic. good blog glad your computer is now behaving itself.

  4. A glorious array of high flying colour.......
    a lovely post Mike !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Hi Mike I hate to contradict El Presidente but the Angels Play looks like this

  6. Unlike Steve I have no problem contradicting Gareth. The kite in question is an Angel Kite designed by American kite designer Mike Delfar and produced by Premier Kites. Its a great kite to fly and always attracts attention. Mike P

  7. how do you decide when the festival is held?