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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Strange Goings on at Godinton House and Gardens

Hi folks,

This trip is to Godinton house, near Ashford in Kent. we entered the gardens the other week on a return trip after dropping Daisy, the granddaughter and going back home to Chatham.

The house is surrounded by 12 acres of gardens and farmland and is a little known property on the outskirts of Great Chart. It has lakes and a nursery garden as well as a formal area.

Magnificent side entrance to the property with coat of arms above.

Tree on the front lawn.

Statue of Pan in the centre of the garden overlooking the flower beds 

Close up of him playing the pipes with a lot of Lichen over him, nothing strange so far I hear you say, well look closely at the next photograph.

Whats this on the lawn, a strange creature has appeared.

Ohh, whats that in the pond, it looks like legs.?

No it's not the Olympics synchronised swimming team it is a Sculpture display in the gardens, this piece was for sale for the princely sum of.....wait for it, £4, 800 called "2012".

Just to titillate you (I could not resist it) a bronze fixed into the hedge.

Well if that got you going I will add some more later (may be a while).

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike Xx


  1. I like the close up of Pan, Mike

  2. The tree on the lawn is fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a lovely place you've taken us to today....Thank you Mike
    You are a gem !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Fanatic gardens, love the sculptures, especially the legs in the lake and the naked women. Frankie Howard comes to mind Oh! misses.

  4. Hi Mike, We're off to Brighton in the morning, to see my son !
    Be gone for a few days......will certainly catch up with your lovely blog
    When we get back........Have a good week and say thanks to your lovely wife
    for the comment she left on my blog !
    Chris and Dave R