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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Lull Before the Storm

Hi folks,

after a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we set about on our day on the buses. We thought that it would be a good idea to use public transport for a number of reasons, £10 per day to park the car, we have free bus passes and also it would save the environment, well not quite but it was different,

We got the No. 6 bus into the Hard, the bus station by it was HMS Warrior.

A lovely vessel but sadly the tide was out but looking on the bright side the mud looked great.

Remember this boat yesterday, we we found it whilst on a cruse round the ships, it's worth, wait for it £100,000,000 that's one hundred million. (can I have one for Christmas).  It was called the Amaryllis, what a beauty!

See the hole in the side, it housed this, like a bit out of James Bond.

Here is the famous tower in a bit better light today.

Lightship across the water, strange colour eh.

See the stealth ship in the background, this is what Mr Camaron it spending our money on.

Well after a light lunch it clouded up as we took a bus into Portsmouth town center, after looking around the shops we headed home to the hotel and just made it before the heavens opened and it poured down with rain.

Thanks for looking, the kites tomorrow depending on the weather.

nit nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Great pics Mike and good info.....
    Got my 'AMARYLLIS' on order, LOL
    Have fun !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Now Haslar does take me back and some. There was a Naval Hospital there that I am told put the fear of god into anyone who went in there. I was a brother to our Naval Hospital (Medway) (look what has happened to that)

    Your picture are good but a pity it was not a brighter day.

    I am never impressed with Portsmouth but I have spent a very long time there.

    1. Ha Ho doom and gloom Trevor. Nothing's ever right for you, can't alter the weather just have to make the best of it. I spent a long time with a dodgey laptop last night I should have gone down the pub.
      Well we
      Are here in the pooring rain but never mind the weather could improve, remember it is always best to have a glass half full rather than half empty

  3. Enjoy the rain and gale force winds today may be kites on Sunday! LOL!

  4. Loads of Sun here today. We are supeised

  5. Photos lovely. pity about the weather but what does one expect it is the bank holiday after all and we never get good weather.Would love to have some copies of the boats for Alex, so I can frame them for his christmas present.
    Tell Sue the tests went well,had 4 polpis removed, going to the GP in 2 weeks for the results. See you Tuesday. Look forward to see the kites tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the update Margaret, just stopped for lunch glorious weather the forecasters got it completely wrong. Sue is going to ring you on a minute. Glad everything is ok.