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Friday, 31 August 2012

Steam Fair continued...

Hi folks,

to continue on our steam trip.

This is Jerry, he pulled us around the site up the hill around the top to look at the views and back down to the station.

Off we go around a quite large circuit the ride was all in with the entrance ticket out into the countryside.

Arriving at the Quarry. 

This Wagon I think has been there a while looking at the amount of grass growing out of the stones.

View from the top of the hill by the Quarry as is usual nowadays the place was getting a bit overgrown and restricting the view.

Take a close look at this Peacock he will reappear later down the blogs, what he was doing up at the Quarry was anyone's guess.

back at the station, Jerry backed up to take its next load of passengers up the hill.

This tickled me, an advert showing that smoking can prevent a sore throat.

Some of the fair rides where powered by a large stationary steam engine.

This young lad, ( I'm showing my age) on his own stoking the beast, he looked  bit lonely really I think he wanted some company.

Well that's part two, all that is left are the children on the rides next blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Oh what a lovely ride on the train, I enjoyed
    that ! Great blog Mike
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Enjoyed the steam train ride,Did you mean the boy or the steam engine looked lonely, I thought they both needed company. great blog.

  3. I love steam engines Mike and this take me back too.
    I could be found at the Gillingham crossing when I was about 12 train spotting

    Well done

  4. Super post Mike.. I enjoyed the ride on the Train as well ... Bit taken aback by the Peacock!
    Did they have trains when Trev was twelve! .... Oooooooo ;)

    E xx

  5. Thanks folks for you lovely comments. xx

  6. I wasn't really lonely!!