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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Whitstable Regatta

Hi folks,

well last Saturday we went to this Regatta which is put on by a charity organisation called the Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Club.

At the beginning was an opening by the Mayor and music by the Whitstable Sea Cadets.

The chap in the white is Mike Shaw who I introduced to the Lions when I was involved at Medway Lions Club a few years ago. Now he runs the Regatta with the help of his club and other club members. Well done Mike.

Close up of the drums, sorry boys that you got told off for putting the drums on the white lanyards to get this shot.

One of the Regatta boats anchored off the beach during the event. This boat the Emiline an Oyster boat used for the Greasy Pole event.

Messing about but having fun trying not to go overboard.

As you can see it was quite busy on the sea front.

Sailing Yachts returning to the harbour.

Spitfire fly past.

Getting ready for combat in a 30 degree heat, the East Kent Historical Organisation ready to put on a display.

The fighting was very realistic and they put on a good show.

Re-enactment cooking conditions.

Armour was displayed on a medieval clothes horse.

The tide was out and folks where wadding far our in the evening shallow waters.

Now early evening and it was starting to get cooler, so time to make tracks for home.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Looks like lots of people had a great time ,lots to do there.

  2. I love the Spitfire the best of them all

  3. dis you notice Mike your first spit has a five bladed prop where the second only has four the originals had three!

    1. Thanks for that Stephen, you learn something new on the tinternet every day.
      BTW I received my pass so all ok

  4. A lovely post Mike, full of action and colour !!
    Chris and Dave R