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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rye Raft Race

Hi again folks,

Do you remember last month we went to Rye, well whilst there we noticed that there was a Raft Race on this Sunday so we got up early and set off arriving at 10.30am and went to the Lions special car park by the river paid our £2 for the day and set off to have a look around.

Well we where astonished at the lack of people and water in the Rother. This is a view at the bridge where the action is going to be.
We went across the bridge to have a Lions Club bacon roll, very nice it was too on the Salts a field next to the river. The area was full of various games, Bouncy Castles, Rides and food etc.. After spending a couple of hours we made our way back to the river to see how the race was progressing.

The tide was coming in very fast but still no one about except for a couple of vans with wood and barrels started to arrive. (note no one on the jetty)

We found a good spot and Sue claimed the place and sat down on the long grass on the bank overlooking the river. I went further down to the rivers edge.

The place started to fill up and by 2pm people where everywhere in there hordes. Then up the river we heard a siren start the race,

Then world war three started.

Flour and water everywhere.

Keep the flag flying I think they are sinking.

Broadside attack.

Another man overboard.

These girls where throwing flour bombs at the rafts from the once river bank now under water.

To the rescue chap being pulled aboard.

I think Atlas Business Park won but I'm not sure.

Still it was a great spectical with load of fun and laughter and a really smashing day after all our trepidation.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. That was excellent Mike, I felt I was really there.

    Nice one of Sue

  2. yeah .. I did as well ..thanks Mike ... super post and a lovely picture of Sue xx

  3. Great action shots Mike........A lovely one of Sue !
    Great entertainment, Thank you !!!
    Chris and Dave R