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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Barn Yard, Upchurch

Hi again folks,

On Wednesday we that is Sue, Margaret, Maddie, Daisy and myself went to Rainham in Kent not far away to look at the animals and feed the ducks. As the weather looked a bit suspect, (it rained on our way) we stayed local to home.
This place has a lot of different animals for the children to look at and pet with washing facilities to hand.

You can see the areas are fenced off to keep the animals away from the children.

View from the top of the hill overlooking the Barn Yard which had a shop and a cafe.

Old Billy Goat waiting for his lunch

As you can see Christmas has arrived early this year but Rudolf would not get his head out of the bucket.

Then came his young friend, waiting for a munch in the bucket. His horns had not yet fully formed.

What amazed me is that I always thought that their horns where smooth but as you can see from this close up whilst his head was in the bucket that they are sort of hairy.

We climbed a steep hill to try and catch up with Daisy and Maddie but I kept stopping in the drizzle to get pictures with the camera getting wetter and wetter. These Alpacas where very inquisitive but would keep there distance. They had thick fur, the last time we came they had just been sheared.

Wot you looking at??

That's it I'm off.

Back down the hill we where going to feed the ducks but the weather got the better of us so we headed off to the golf club for lunch after of course we said goodbye to the Donkey.

Well I talked about them so here they are.  Maddie and Daisy at the start of our outing before the rain came..

Well that's it, we were all a bit damp thanks for looking.

nite nite, love mike. XX


  1. So you found some NOT Not Neddies, well done

  2. Awww this post is lovely Mike... Yeah, I love the 'not,nots!
    Eileen xxx

  3. Amazing view of the Barn Yard. Daisy and Maddie enjoyed themselves. pity the weather spoilt the day.

  4. A lovely post Mike ! We love the 'not nots' too !!
    Chris and Dave R