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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blossom at Last!

Hi folks,

just spent a couple of days at a wonderful campsite in Headcorn, Kent with a dear friend who is just getting used to a replacement Motorhome so we thought we would have a try out at this site that we visited at Easter.  As we arrived the blossom on the trees was outstanding although the owner Barry said that they were all behind due to the weather and it being so cold and windy on the site.

The first view is of the entrance to the field, you can just spot a couple of vans behind.

Here we are, we were not the only ones on the site, there was a tent  (brave pair) and two other Motorhomes keeping us company. The rear van in the picture is our good friend Adrianne's and our Winnie is in the front.

On Sunday, the day after we arrived the weather was sunny and I took the opportunity to get some shots of the blossom.

Finally a loan wasp, it was a shame re the lack of Bees about, still at least the sun was shining.

Back home and the rain is back, still I hope these cheered you up.

Thanks for dropping by.

Best regards, Mike


  1. So very pretty, the blossoms scent is wafting in the breeze.......
    A very beautiful post Mike, thank you !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Beautiful. beautiful pictures ... A truly GORGEOUS post Mike ... thank you E xxx

  3. It look a great place Mike

    It is a pity the weather has changed again