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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Greys Court, Henley on Thames

Hi folks, as promised a better National Trust property.

This place has just been renovated after two and a half years with 280 acres of park and woodlands. Situated in the Chiltern Hills it is a magnificent place and although it has been closed all that time it opened in 2010 and managed to give an array of colour as you will see.

The foreground is a private dwelling with a 12 century Great Tower behind and a walled garden to the left.

The Mansion has a 900 year history and is fortified .

Inside the garden was a spectacular sight of new blooms


Wisteria just starting to bud, the garden has an abundance of it..

Moss growing on it's branches.

Cragged and twisted branches.

Looking down into the rose garden.

Close up of the Fountain in the sunshine.

A few more to follow, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. The wisteria was amazing, when in bloom it must be really "Something". So old it has to be well supported you can see the framework in some of the pictures. Beautiful place we spent so long in the garden that we never ventured into the house, could not walk about anymore.

  2. Such a wonderful place ! Love all the knarled branches......
    You certainly will have to return! Great shots Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Beautiful place, I love the way the trees are all twisted around each other. The house looks stunning in the sunshine. Mrs Egg.

  4. Stunning place Mike.. I enjoyed the 'trip' around here! The primroses are so very pretty ... my fave picture.
    Eileen xxx