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Friday, 24 May 2013

Lulworth Cove

Hi folks,
well this is the last of out trip to Dorset, back across to Chichester and then home along the coast.

First off this magnificent cove and although a bit cold the scenery was lovely and dear Sue came with me this time.

Stair Hole, arches cut in the Portland stone.

This cottage was just by the cove.

Shall we have a drink, heck no the sun was too nice to go indoors.

This place was just in view as the foliage was not too thick.

Lastly back on the beach before an ice cream and back to the campsite.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Best regards, Mike


  1. No comments, thats sad. But I am here NOW. They are Very good pics Mike or was it sue.?
    The sea was really nice colour too. I like Devon and Cornwall have been many times, Camping, caravanning, clutch went in Looe, trying to get out. stayed several days while they got another clutch. Of course we never had lots of money in those days so my governor in Cambridge wired the money to the garage. Im talkin 1960's now..

    1. Mike takes the pictures and you were very quick with your comment as it had only been up 13 minutes but thanks anyway. Wonder who the Anonymous contributor was, are you going to call back and tell us?

  2. Well guess what 'Mr Anonymous', i'm here too !
    Love the pics Mike.....Great place.....
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Thanks Chris for your lovely comment, I am having about 150 hits per day on my blog and only you and Sue comment.
    Even Mr Anonymous has been scared away.
    Have a lovely week end and get out in that new caravan.
    Luv Mike XXX

  4. A friend and I visited the Jurassic Coast a few years ago. Durdle Dor was the first place I've visited where I literally stopped and said "This. Right here, where I am now. This is where I want to live". Lulworth Cove was a favourite holiday destination when I was younger, and it was an odd feeling visiting it afresh. Stair Hole will be another Durdle in a few hundred years or so. Geology in action!

    (I hope this comment thing works. I've not been able to post comments before...)