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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hi folks,

First thing in the morning we visited the Campsite lake to check on the young Canada Geese from the day before and low and behold a rabbit joined in.

Over swooped another Canada Goose to join the party.

Welcome to Wallingford where some of the Midsomer Murders TV series was filmed.  A small market town on the banks of the river Thames.  Also the famous crime writer Dame Agatha Christie was President of the Theatre in the town, she is buried at St Marys' Church in Cholsey.  We will investigate this later.

We visited the church in the centre of town, St Mary-le-More.

The seating seemed strange for a church but it was placed very exactly as though joined together.

Some people were getting ready for a service but were happy to talk to us, they enjoy visitors and are very proud of their town and church. 

I enjoy the challenge of stained glass windows and this was different being geometric patterns.

This caught my eye sitting as it was on the window sill and if you look closely you will see the reflection of me taking the photograph, you might not to look closely but you have the opportunity!

That's it for today, more to come. Thanks for looking and hope to see you again soon.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Great shots in the church Mike

  2. What a lovely Church Mike... I love the rabbit joining in with the 'family'! super pictures and yes, I can see you!
    Eileen xxx

  3. Welcome back Mr Mechanic. Love the photos of the geese. and the rabbit. Thank you for the photos of the church, yes the seating was strange. yes I saw your reflection in the jug. Mrs Egg.

  4. That one of the inside showing the pews (chairs) looks very good, well composed and good tones inside, just a little blown out by the front door and the windows, OTL says you should try bracketing next time! Not that he has done much inside churches lately!

    Luv, D,H & S

    1. Thanks Daisy, tell OTL I did bracket but did mot have the programe to merge as I only had a laptop.

  5. Hi Mike, beautiful shots of the church !
    Love the stained glass,
    Chris and Dave R