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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rye Bank Holiday Weekend

Hi folks,

last weekend Sue and I went to our first Club event with Winnie the Motorhome down to Rye with the Kent and Sussex Auto Camping Club. The club made us very welcome and really helped us have a great weekend. The camp site was the Rugby club just on the outskirts of Rye with only a ten minute walk into the town. We were blessed with a wonderful weekend weather wise as well.

Down by the Harbour are many shops selling various antique items and bric-a-brac which would make a good place for  BBC's Bargain Hunt.

Below is the information centre by the harbour.

One of the many items on sale although this lamp looks like a Brillo pad was used on it.

Various other items for sale nailed to the door of the shop.

The town has a very long history and was once a Cinque Port as the pub below shows.

This unique building was once the water works for the town now used as a shop.

On the opposite wall was a mirror for sale at the princely sum on £4.

Thanks for looking, a few more still to come and a bit more history of the town.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Great blog,forgotten how quaint Rye is , all thoses antique shops.

  2. The gate with the pictures on it was that the tea room?

    The info centre has not change since we were there in November but it look a lot warmer Mike.

    Good blog that brought back memories

  3. Oooh, I love nosing around these sorts of places
    Mike......Well another Friday is upon us, Have a great
    weekend both ! I'm away on Sunday for a week in the van,
    Will catch up on my return.....Cant wait to see my son
    for a couple of hours before his next jaunt !
    Chris and Dave R