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Monday, 20 May 2013

Lymington Salt Water Baths

Hi folks,

whilst away on holiday last month we came across this swimming bath with a difference.

The poster on the left tells the story of the baths, unfortunately we went on a dull drab day and it was closed. Below the ticket office was obviously quite new.

Detail of the weather vane.

Across the baths seating all along the back with the masts of the Yachts in the sea over the wall, I expect there was a gate to let sea water in but stop it going out as the tide turned.

On the right are the yacht club premises which early in the baths life was owned by them. In 1929 the council purchased the baths from the yacht club.

The baths after a long closure were opened in 1929, look on the balcony and you can make out the dignitaries and even a chap with a wig. (Picture taken from the board by the ticket office).

Same shot today and the baths are still used in the summer, the first aid building is an addition

Different angle, must have looked great with the blue fountains going.

well that's different.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. You can imagine this place in its hay day......Does anyone use the baths now Mike ?
    Nice shots , love the old photo !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Hi Cris, yes they are open in the summer?? As you say, it must be spectacular.. XXX

  3. Those people are bit older now Mike but a colour photo does make a difference.

    There is a garden centre on the road to this place that I visited when working

    Its a pity about the weather that day as it would have lifted the pictures.