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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Greys Court, the last few

Hi folks,

Not had a great weekend as my back is giving me jip.

Never mind, just a last few from this beautiful place in the Chilterns and thank you to Chris Richards who left a comment with the name of the beautiful bell shaped flowers yesterday.  I forgot to mention yesterday that the lady sitting on the grass was actually sketching the purple flowers, thanks again.

The Tower as viewed from one of the walled gardens with a lone gardener complete with her watering can.

Magnolia bursting into bloom.

Walled garden has still a lot to offer later in the year as spring is so late.  There were so many paths to explore and gates to open, every which way we went there was something else to find.

It was a clear day and this was one view from the Estate across the Chilterns.

There you are, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. It look a great place to visit Mike, some lovely shots.

    I may get out soon and if your back is better I can take you.

    1. Thanks Trev, I little better today.

  2. A very beautiful set of shots Mike, of a lovely place the sun is out too!... so sorry your back is playing you up .
    take care
    E xxx

  3. Stunning photography Mike.....Looks like the
    sun has disappeared again now though !
    Chris and Dave R