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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Farnham Castle #2

Hi folks,
completion of the castle we visited.

Looking over the wall by the North turret into the gardens below.

Foundation of the square tower , this would have had store rooms with a deep well to the side. The tower would have been built of wood or stone but no evidence remains of it or how tall it stood.

Walking back to the staircase leading to the site of the drawbridge.

One of the three entrances leading out onto castle hill.

Next to the castle is the Bishops Palace in the same land, now used for functions and also a hotel. 

Finally another one of the ornate gate houses.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Farnham.  Mike


  1. Interesting place Mike. Photos certainly promote it well.

  2. It's lovely that these old buildings are still being cared for so we can enjoy them, thanks for showing them. Mrs Egg

  3. Cheers Mike... you always find places that I enjoy reading about complete with clear, in focus,fantastical detailed pictures...
    E xxx